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Here you will find end time Bible prophecy studies, and various Bible studies and articles revealing precious truths that Satan has been trying to hide and destroy for the past 2000 years. It is our hope that you will prayerfully study these important topics as they deal with the very time we are living in. It is also our hope that you will draw closer to Christ Jesus as you study and find out His truth, so that He can protect you through the storm that is approaching.

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"The Bible is within the reach of all, but there are few who really accept it as the guide of life. Infidelity prevails to an alarming extent, not in the world merely, but in the church. Many have come to deny doctrines which are the very pillars of the Christian faith." (E.White, Spirit of Prophecy, Vol.4, p.399)

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Bible Prophecy Studies


The Bible Antichrist

The Mark of the Beast

The Three Angels Messages

The Antichrist Little Horn

The Remnant of Revelation 12

The Two Witnesses

The Whore of Babylon

The Abomination of Desolation

The Sure Word of Prophecy


The Battle of Armageddon

2300 Day Prophecy of Daniel

70 Weeks of Daniel

America in Bible Prophecy

The Image of the Beast

Four Beasts of Daniel 7

The Daniel 2 Prophecy

God's Law in Prophecy

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Day for a Year Principle


End Times Studies


In the Last Days

The Time of Judgment

The Rapture Truth

Israel in the End Times

The Great Tribulation

End Times Deceptions


Come out of her My People

Rebuilt Temple in Israel

As in the Days of Noah

Signs of the End Times

Bible End Times

Present Truth

Flee to the Mountains


Various Bible Studies


Is Michael Jesus Christ

The Bible Ten Commandments

False Teachings of Catholic Church

Many are Called Few Chosen

The New Earth


The Bible Sabbath

Who is the Remnant Church

The Ten Virgins

Speaking in Tongues

True Bible Prophets

Who can Stand Before the Lord


We hope that you have enjoyed these Bible prophecy studies and that they have help you in some way to know the truth and to draw closer to Christ Jesus. Christ is the truth and prophecy is the revelation of Jesus Christ. We need to be firmly anchored on the truth of Christ so that we can stand firm through the storm to come.